An Overview of the Federal Government-wide Native American Programs can be seen at: DOI Budget.

About TIBC

The Tribal-Interior Budget Council (TIBC), formerly known as the Indian Affairs Tribal Budget Advisory Council (TBAC), provides a forum and process for tribes and Federal officials to work together in developing annual budget requests for Indian programs in the Department of the Interior. It provides cooperative participation in IA budget formulation, justification, and information. TIBC meetings also serve as an education forum to better inform tribes of the IA budget process and advise on the status of Indian country initiatives throughout the Federal Government.

Tribal Interior Budget Council (NCAI)

TIBC Meetings

TIBC meetings occur on a quarterly basis. Select TIBC Meetings to view agendas, presentations, and information for past or upcoming TIBC meetings. For general TIBC and budget information such as TIBC protocol or action tracking, choose Other Meeting Material.