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Division of AS-IA Administration - Execution

 Division of AS-IA Administration, Kelsey Marand, Division Chief,

The division is responsible for all facets of the budget execution process to ensure that the administrative control of funds policies and procedures are adhered to in the distribution of funds in compliance with the Anti-Deficiency Act. It is also responsible for reporting of fund distributions and expenditures for IA funds.

The division is responsible for providing guidance and technical assistance to programs to ensure compliance with the following activities/functions:  

  • Processes all FEDs for Executive Direction, Admin, AS-IA accounts, including DBIA. 
  • Processes and manages all Reimbursable Agreements for Executive Direction, Admin Support and all AS-IA accounts.
  • Processes all FEDs for OIEED, including Economic Development, Minerals & Mining and Loans.
  • Assist AS-IA, OIEED, DBIA and Admin Support programs in improving funds management.
  • Receives and processes all requested changes for the AS-IA portion of the financial management handbook as well as the corresponding master data in FBMS (Fund/Functional Area/Cost Center, etc.) for Office of the Secretary programs.

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