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Self Determination

In 1975, the United States Congress enacted the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act, Public Law 93-638. The Act allowed for Indian tribes to have greater autonomy and to have the opportunity to assume the responsibility for programs and services administered to them on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior through contractual agreements. The Act assured that Indian tribes had paramount involvement in the direction of services provided by the Federal government in an attempt to target the delivery of such services to the needs and desires of the local communities.

The role of the BIA, specifically the Great Plains Region has changed significantly in the last three decades in response to a greater emphasis on Indian Self-Determination.

Self Determination Responsibilities:

  • Contracting with the Tribes for programs and services provided by Bureau of Indian Affairs through Public Law 93-638.
  • Contracting with the Tribes for construction projects provided by the Bureau of Indian Affairs through Public Law 93-638 and the Federal Acquisition Registar (FAR).
  • Oversight of the audits submitted by the Tribes.
  • Provide Technical Assistance to the Tribes in the region.
12 Agencies – Self-Determination 638 contract
  • Nebraska –Winnebago, North Dakota -Fort Berthold, Fort Totten, Standing Rock, Turtle Mountain, South Dakota- Cheyenne, Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Yankton, Sisseton

16 Tribes – Self-Determination 638 contracts
  • Nebraska-Omaha, Santee Sioux, Ponca, Winnebago

  • North Dakota- Three Affiliated, Spirit Lake, Standing Rock, Turtle Mountain

  • South Dakota -Cheyenne, Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Yankton, Sisseton and the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe.

15 Tribal Organizations-
  • Trenton Indian Service Area, United Sioux Tribes, United Tribes Technical College, Northern Plains Appellate Court, Fort Berthold Community College, Sinte Gleska University, Ponca Economic Development Corporation, Sisseton-Wahpeton Community College, Sitting Bull College, Turtle Mountain Community College, Crow Creek Housing Authority, Sioux City Indian Education Committee, Intertribal Bison Cooperative and Native American Fish and Wildlife Society.

638 Audits and Onsite Reviews
  • Audits are required each year for 16 tribes/15 tribal organizations

  • Findings and Questioned costs are resolved by the tribe/tribal organization and Self-Determination Representative.

  • Onsite reviews are to be accomplished each year