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Human Services

Human Services handles 6 components of Financial Assistance, which consist of:

1. General Assistance

a) An applicant must meet the criteria contained in 25 CFR 20.300 (Who qualifies for Direct Assistance)
b) Apply concurrently for financial assistance from other state, tribal, county, local, or other federal agency programs for which he/she is eligible;
c) Not receive any comparable public assistance, and
d) Develop and sign an employment strategy in the ISP with the assistance of the social service worker to meet the goal of employment through specific action steps including job readiness and job search activities.

2. Burial Assistance

a) In the absence of other resources, can be provided to eligible Native American;
b) A relative of deceased can apply;
c) Applications must be made within 30 days of death;
d) Eligibility will be based on income & resources available to the deceased (VA, etc.) and
e) Needs will be determined using the bureau payment standard.

3. Disaster Assistance

a) Disaster Assistance Program will continue to remain unfunded due to shortages in Welfare Assistance Funds.

4. Emergency Assistance

a) An emergency is a situation where a home or personal possessions are destroyed or damaged through forces beyond their control.
b) Maximum emergency assistance payment standard of $1,000 per household.

5. Adult Care Assistance

a) Not eligible for other state, federal, or tribal programs;
b) Eligibility based upon income & resources;
c) Service agreement is in licensed or certified providers; and
d) Requires non-medical personal care and supervision due to advanced age, or physical condition, and cannot be cared for by family members.

6. Child Assistance

a) The child must meet the requirements in 25 CFR; and
b) The child’s legally responsible parent, custodian,/guardian, or Tribal court having jurisdiction must:
1. Request assistance in writing;
2. State that they are unable to provide guidance for the child; and
3. Provide the documented social service assessment.

Financial assistance can be provided when not provided by state, tribal, county, or other federal agencies. Financial assistance is subject to annual Congressional appropriations.
An applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a member of an Indian tribe;
  • Not have sufficient resources to meet the essential needs defined by the Bureau;
  • Reside in the service area as defined by the Bureau; and
  • Meet the additional eligibility criteria for each of the specific programs of financial assistance.

Resources Considered when Determining Need:

  • All income, earned or unearned, must be calculated in the month it is received and as a resource thereafter, except income obtained from the sale of property that may be exempt as provided in 25 CFR, 20.309.
  • Resources are considered to be available when they are converted to cash.