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Indian Land Consolidation Program

Indian Land Consolidation Program: (605) 226-7755

The Indian Land Consolidation Act Amendments of 2000 made Indian Land Consolidation Program a pilot program. The 2004 amendments made the Program permanent. The Amendments authorized the Secretary of the Interior to acquire from willing sellers, and at fair market value, any fractional interest in trust or restricted land, to: Prevent further fractionation; Consolidate fractional interests and ownership into usable parcels in the name of the Tribe/Band; in a manner that enhances tribal sovereignty; promote tribal self-sufficiency and self-determination; and to reverse the effects of the allotment policy on Indian Tribes.

Where economical, purchase all the interests belonging to owners with interests in highly fractionated tracts in a limited set of locations.

Regional Statistics – Great Plains:

  • 87% of landowner interests are 2% or less
  • 98% of landowners own only in this region
  • Over 73,759 landowner interests purchased through December, 2005
  • Expended $12M in FY 2005

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