Land Titles and Records Office

(605) 226-7393

The Land Titles of Records Office (LTRO) has the Federal responsibility to provide accurate, timely and cost effective federal land title service to Individual Indians and Tribes. They oversee the administration and maintenance of title documents, document certification, title research and examination and the determination of legal title for Federal Indian trust or restricted lands.

The mission of LTRO is to maintain timely and certified Federal title, encumbrance and ownership services and to provide land title service that are accurate, timely, accountable and efficient, and which include complete title ownership and encumbrance for all Federal Indian trust and restricted lands. The timely delivery of title service and products facilitates the collaborative effort between the Great Plains Region, Tribes, Individual Indian landowners and prospective investors to conserve, develop or maintain Indian trust lands.

The Great Plains Aberdeen LTRO is the oldest and has been in operation since 1960, when the regions were referred to as Area Offices.

The Major LTRO Functions:

  • Record land title documents that convey and/or encumber Indian trust land.
  • Provide certified Title Status Reports that show legal description, current ownership & encumbrance/liens.
  • Maintain the Bureau’s official automated land ownership database known as TAAMS Title.
  • Prepare probate modifications for Indian probates.
  • Prepare and/or maintain land owner status maps and plats.
  • Certify land title documents.