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The Office of Justice has the following Divisions:

  • Division of Corrections
    • Indian Country Corrections is one of the key components of Tribal Justice Systems. There are over 90 detention centers throughout Indian Country, of which, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Office of Justice Services (OJS) staffs and operates a quarter of these facilities.
  • Division of Drug Enforcement
    • The Division of Drug Enforcement is in the process of providing more resources throughout the United States to work in conjunction with other drug enforcement entities such as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Safe Trails Drug Task Force and High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA), by placing BIA Drug Agents in these task force locations.
  • Division of Indian Highway Safety
    • The Highway Safety Act of 1966, USC Title 23, Section 402, provides U.S. Dept. of Transportation funding to assist federally recognized Indian Tribes in implementing traffic safety projects on Indian Reservations in the United States. The program is administered by the BIA Indian Highway Safety Program (IHSP). Oversight is provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Region 6, Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Emergency Management Division
    • The Bureau of Indian Affairs Emergency Management (BIA EM) is responsible for policy development and program management of Bureau activities concerning disaster preparedness, planning, response and recovery, and continuity of operations; and represents the bureau in coordinating interagency emergency management activities related to tribal affairs. 
  • Missing & Murdered Unit
    • The Missing & Murdered Unit is responsible for investigating cold cases within Indian Country as well overseeing the submission channels such as Tip411, the Cold Case OJS email and the Cold Case 1-800 Line.

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