Indian Country Corrections is one of the key components of Tribal Justice Systems. There are over 90 detention centers throughout Indian Country, of which, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Office of Justice Services (OJS) staffs and operates a quarter of these facilities. The remainder are operated by Tribes through the PL 93-638, Self-Governance Compacts and a few are fully funded and operated by a tribe. Indian Country facilities are either long or short term holding facilities. Each facility is unique in operation and location. The BIA Corrections also operates transport programs for movement of inmates for certain locations as well as assist with long range transports, movement of inmates during evacuations, overcrowding, and etc, as needed. The ultimate mission of BIA OJS Corrections is ensuring Indian Country facilities are operated in a safe, secure, and humane manner.

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The BIA Correctional Program provides technical assistance to all detention programs, including tribal detention programs. The types of assistance are as follows: PL 93-638 contract monitoring and reviews; development with and guidance on corrective action plans; commercial contract detention services monitoring; policy and procedure development, implementation, reviews and revisions; site visits/stakeholder meetings; meeting with and addressing questions from Tribal leadership; assisting Tribes with planning, development and opening of new jails; assisting Tribes with planning for replacement, renovation and expansion of existing jails; conducting formal staffing analysis; standards compliance reviews; facilitate programs and services for programming development; Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003; Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010-enhanced sentencing; Tribal Law and Order Act - corrections operation assessment; and national level data collection.

Establishing partnerships to include: American Jail Association; US DOJ National Institute of Corrections; US DOJ Bureau of Justice Assistance; DOI BIA Office of Facilities Management and Construction; DOI BIA Indian Education; Indian Health Services locally and Nationwide; Indian Health Services – SAMHSA; and Tribal Programs for contracted beds, transports, manpower assistance, etc