RPL is also responsible for administering the 105(l) lease program. This program is provided for under the Indian Self-Determination Education and Assistance Act (ISDEAA), 25 U.S.C. § 5324(l).  A 105(l) lease is not a traditional lease, but an agreement between Indian Affairs and a Tribe or Tribal Organization to reimburse facility costs.  Costs may be reimbursed when a facility (or part of a facility) is used to carry out ISDEAA approved programs, functions, services, or activities (PFSAs).

All forms are current as of July 2023.

105(l) Facility Lease Program Technical Assistance Guide

105(l) Facility Lease TA Guidebook PowerPoint (updated July 2023)

105(l) Template - Self Governance

105(l) Sample Tribal Resolution Language

Chief Financial Officer Sample Cert

105(l) Template _ Self Determination (Title 1)

105(l) Sample Renewal Request (updated July 2023)


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