(Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation, a 2021 Insured Performance Lender.)

Since 2015, we’ve recognized lenders with different designations in recognition of their commitment to working with ILGP on loan guarantees. Preferred Lenders have worked with ILGP for at least three years; Performance Lenders for at least five. In 2020, we began recognizing lenders for their work with insured loans as well.

Award Recipients


Guaranteed Performance Lender 

Guaranteed Preferred Lender 

Insured Performance Lenders: 

Insured Preferred Lenders 

(Native American Bank, a Performance Lender 2015-2021, with DCI staff at RES2021.)


Guaranteed Performance Lender 

Guaranteed Preferred Lender

Insured Performance Lender

Insured Preferred Lender 


Performance Lender 

Preferred Lender 

(DCI with Northrim Bank,a Performance Lender 2018-2021 and a Preferred Lender 2016-2017). 


Performance Lender 

Preferred Lender 


Performance Lender 

Preferred Lender 


Performance Lender 

Preferred Lender 


Performance Lender 

Preferred Lender 

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