Announcement to Conduct a Programmatic Environmental Assessment for the Former Bennett Freeze Area Draft Integrated Resource Management Plan

Announcement: Draft Environmental Assessment for Noxious Weed Management Plan for Bá’azh chíní (Piute Creek) Canyon Watershed

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The Western Navajo Agency (WNA) provides quality services to the Navajo Indian people within the western region of the Navajo Nation. The western region encompasses Utah and Arizona. The WNA is comprised of both Indian and Trust Services programs. The WNA Trust Services programs are: Natural Resources and Real Estate Services. Trust Services programs are under the general supervision of the Regional Program Divisions, whom report to the Deputy Regional Director, Trust Services. The Indian Services programs are Transportation and Safety and are under the general supervision of the Regional Program Divisions, whom report to the Deputy Regional Director, Indian Services. The WNA Office is located in Tuba City, Arizona.  The contact information for the WNA are as follows:

Natural Resources:
Telephone: (928) 283-2252
Telefax:      (928) 283-2215

Telephone: (928) 283-2310
Telefax:      (928) 283-2258

Real Estate Services:
Telephone: (928) 283-2229
Telefax:      (928) 283-2319

Telephone: (928) 283-2297
Telefax:      (928) 283-2227

Mailing Address:
Western Navajo Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs
P.O. Box 127
Tuba City, AZ 86045

Physical Address:
East Hwy 160 & Warrior Drive
Tuba City, AZ 86045

Below is a map of the WNA consisting of the 18 chapters along with the number representing the total population of each chapter.  According to the 2010 U.S. Census, WNA has a total population of 36,737.  WNA has a total of 2,359,122 acres and 1,160 grazing permittees.

Western Navajo Agency

Below is an Excel data table showing WNA's permit and capacity data for each district. 

Western Navajo Agency No. Grazing Permits No. of Permittees No. of Sheep Units permitted (In SUYL)
District 1 535 592 26,716
District 2 365 389 17,177
District 3 661 706 40,591
District 5 353 384 22,190
District 8 706 760 30,378
Agency Totals 2,620 2,831 137,052

The following PDF links contain range inventory reports that have details on how the carrying capacity data was obtained. 

District 1 and District 3, Unit Two - 2008 Vegetative Inventory Report

Land Management District 2 - 2013 Vegetation Inventory

District 2 - Utah Rangeland Vegetation Inventory Report 

Bennett Freeze - 2014 Vegetation Study for Land Management District 3

District 5 - 2007 Vegetative Inventory Report

Land Management District 8- 2013 Vegetation Inventory

District 8 - 2010 Utah Rangeland Vegetation Inventory Report