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Chinle Agency

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The Chinle Agency provides quality services to the Navajo Indian people within the central region of the Navajo Nation. The central region is in the State of Arizona. The Chinle Agency is comprised of both Indian and Trust services programs. The Chinle Agency Trust Services programs are: Natural Resources and Real Estate Services. Trust Services programs are under the general supervision of the Regional Program Divisions, whom report to the Deputy Regional Director, Trust Services. The Indian Services programs are Transportation and Safety which are under the general supervision of the Regional Program Divisions, whom report to the Deputy Regional Director, Indian Services. The Chinle Agency Office is located in Chinle, Arizona.  The contact information for the Chinle Agency are as follows:

Natural Resources:
Telephone: (928) 674-5100
Telefax:      (928) 674-5112

Telephone: (928) 674-5120
Telefax:      (928) 674-5121

Real Estate Services:
Telephone: (928) 674-5150
Telefax:      (928) 674-5158

Telephone: (928) 674-5175/6
Telefax:      (928) 674-5112

Mailing Address:
Chinle Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs
P.O. Box 7H
Chinle, AZ 86503

Physical Address:
Navajo Route #7 - Bldg. 136-C
Chinle, AZ 86503

Below is a map of the Chinle Agency consisting of the 14 chapters along with the number representing the total population of each chapter.  According to the 2010 U.S. Census, CNA has a total population of 27,823.  CNA has a total of 1,363,423 acres and 1,461 grazing permittees.

Chinle Agency

Below is an Excel data table showing Chinle Agency’s permit and capacity data for each district.

Chinle Agency No. of Grazing Permits No. of Permittees No. of Sheep Units Permitted (in SULY)
District 4 82 83 3,197
District 10 936 939 34,257
District 11 456 450 16,555
Agency Totals 1,474 1,472 54,009

The following PDF links contain range inventory reports that have details on how the carrying capacity data was obtained. 

District 10 Rangeland Vegetation Inventory Report

District 10 and 4 - 2012 Vegetation Inventory Report 

District 11 - April 2017  Range Inventory Report 

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