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The Eastern Navajo Agency provides quality services to the Navajo Indian people within the eastern region of the Navajo Nation. The eastern region is in the western side of the State of New Mexico with satellite reservation areas in To'hajiilee and Alamo.  The contact information for the Eastern Navajo Agency are as follows:

Office of the Superintendent: Lester Tsosie, Superintendent Telephone: (505) 786-6032 Telefax: (505) 786-6111

Natural Resources: Telephone: (505) 786-6100 Telefax:      (505) 786-6107

Safety: Telephone: (505) 786-6191 Telefax:      (505) 786-7013

Real Estate Services: Telephone: (505) 786-6121 Telefax:      (505) 786-6115

Transportation/Roads Construction: Telephone: (505) 786-6192 Telefax:      (505) 786-6188

Probate & Estate Services Division: Telephone: (505) 786-6113 Telefax:      (505) 786-6029

Mailing Address: Bureau of Indian Affairs Eastern Navajo Agency P.O. Box 328 Crownpoint, NM 87313 Telephone: (505) 786-6032

Below is a map of the Eastern Navajo Agency (ENA) consisting of the 31 chapters along with the number representing the total population of each chapter.  According to the 2010 U.S. Census, ENA has a total population of 33,216.  ENA has a total of 1,039,210 acres and 1,637 grazing permittees.

Eastern Navajo Agency