The BIA Division of Drug Enforcement is pleased to announce a new tool for the public to report illegal drug activity occurring on Tribal lands.

With an increase in drug abuse occurring across the nation, BIA Drug Agents are taking a proactive approach to provide new tools for citizens to report illegal drug activity in tribal communities.

Using the new Tip411 program, the public will now have the ability to text anonymous tips directly to the BIA Division of Drug Enforcement. Once a tip is received, the sender will be able to correspond directly with a BIA Drug Agent if they wish to provide more detailed information about illegal drug activity.

We encourage all citizens to join us in fighting drug abuse in Indian Country and partnering with us to keep your tribal communities safe.

Purpose Code X initiative

The BIA-OJS Purpose Code X Program will provide tribal social service agencies with the information they need to protect the children they place into care in emergency situations when parents are unable to provide for their welfare.

Protocols for operating under the new program are being developed by BIA-OJS and will be tested by a select number of tribes prior to a nationwide implementation of the program.