Every year, our Division of Energy and Mineral Development provides the opportunity for Tribes to receive financial assistance to establish the legal framework for developing and regulating their energy resources. 

We know that millions and millions of acres of Tribal reservations hold vast natural resources. We support development efforts led by Tribes in accordance with Tribal goals and priorities. 

Development Activities Eligible for Funding

  • Developing the legal infrastructure to create any type of Tribal energy business 
  • Establishing an energy-focused corporation under Tribal or state incorporation codes 
  • Establishing an energy-related Tribal business charter under federal law (IRA Section 17 corporation) 

Learn more about choosing a Tribal business structure.

Regulatory Activities Eligible for Funding

  • Developing or enhancing tribal policies, codes, regulations, or ordinances related to energy resource, including land-lease regulations in accordance with the Helping Expedite and Advance Responsible Tribal Homeownership (HEARTH) Act for energy development purposes or for business purposes connected to an energy project
  • Establishing a Tribal utility authority (TUA)
  • Adopting secured transaction codes and a subsequent joint power agreement with a state government 

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Need Technical Assistance?

In addition to our grants, many of our in-house technical capabilities and expert services are available for FREE to Tribes.   

We’re committed to offering the technical support needed to assist Tribes in exploring and developing energy and mineral resources to meet their long-term goals to support their people. 

Learn More at Technical and Business Advisory Services for Energy Projects

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