Our Mission

The mission of the Pacific Region's Branch of Forestry is to provide for the efficient and effective management and protection of trust forest resources for the benefit of American Indians and Alaska Natives through recognition and support of their resource management goals—all with the spirit of self-determination and consistent with the Secretary of the Interior’s trust responsibilities.

Pacific Region's Forestry Program

The Forestry Staff at the Pacific Regional Office is responsible for providing coordination, management, planning, oversight, and monitoring for all activates related to development and protection of natural resources on over 500 thousand acres of Indian trust & restricted lands in California. The Pacific Region’s Branch of Forestry exercises program oversight and provides for the planning and scheduling of natural resources activities at the State & Agency level to ensure that regulatory and policy requirements are followed and that technical standards of sound natural resources management are upheld.

Located at the Regional Office:

Regional Forester - Darin Jarnaghan
email: darin.jarnaghan@bia.gov
phone: (916) 718-9770

Assistant Regional Forester - Jordan Roof
email: jordan.roof@bia.gov
phone: (916) 978-6076

Who We Serve

The Pacific Region's Branch of Forestry works for the benefit of American Indians and Alaska Natives within the Pacific Region—supporting the management, planning, and best use of trust forest resources.

Services We Provide


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About the Pacific Region – Branch of Forestry

The overall Trust - Natural Resources Management program fulfills Indian trust responsibilities through the strategy of improved management, protection, and development of Indian land and natural resource assets. The Natural Resources sub activity supports this strategy by allowing Tribes to manage their own natural resources and compliance with various regulations and requirements related to their natural resource assets.