Our Mission

The Pacific Region’s Branch of Forestry and Wildland Fire Management is responsible for providing coordination, management, planning, oversight and monitoring for all activities related to development and protection of Indian trust natural resources on over 500 thousand acres of Indian trust lands in California. The Region is made up of four agency offices: Northern California, Central California, Southern California and Palm Springs. The Region has 17 forestry/fire staff members to provide services to the 104 federally recognized tribes in California. Staff are managed under the Regional Fire Management Officer and located throughout different agency offices.

About the Pacific Region – Branch of Wildland Fire

Located at the Region Office:

Regional Fire Management Officer
Nathan Gogna
email: nathan.gogna@bia.gov
phone: 916-978-6177

Regional Fire Operations Specialist
Shane Santos
email: shane.santos@bia.gov
phone: 916-978-6016

Budget Analyst, Natural Resources
Christina Rich
email: christina.rich@bia.gov
phone: N/A

Administrative Officer, Natural Resources
email: N/A
phone: N/A

GIS Specialist
email: N/A
phone: N/A

Located at the Northern California Agency:

Regional Fuels Specialist
Greg Perry
email: greg.perry@bia.gov
phone: 530-223-7969

Regional Aviation Specialist
email: N/A
phone: N/A

Located at the Southern California Agency

Wildland Fire Operations Specialist
Raymond Ruiz Sr. (Acting FMO for SCA)
email: raymond.ruiz@bia.gov
phone: 951-276-6624 ext. 253

Regional Fuels Technician
Ramon Gomez
phone: 951-276-6624 ext. 261

Regional Fire Management Specialist (Prevention, Mitigation, & Education)
Kevin Small
email: kevin.small@bia.gov
phone: 951-276-6624 ext. 261

Agency Fuels Specialist

Located Remotely

Cedarville, CA

Fuels Module Leader
Arnold DeGarmo
email: arnold.degarmo@bia.gov
phone: 530-279-2809