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Land Titles and Records Office

The Land Titles and Records Office (LTRO) has the Federal responsibility to provide accurate, timely and cost effective federal land title Service to Indian individuals and Tribes/Compact Bands.  

LTRO improves ownership information and protects and preserves trust lands and trust resources through efficient and accurate processing of land titles.  The mission of the LTRO program is to maintain timely and certified Federal title, encumbrance and ownership services and to provide land title services that are accurate, timely, accountable and efficient, and which include complete title ownership and encumbrance for all Federal Indian trust and restricted lands.  The timely delivery of title services and products facilitates the collaborative effort between Indian Affairs, Tribes, Indian landowners and prospective investors to conserve, develop, or maintain Indian trust lands. 

Numerous land and resource management transactions are conducted by the Midwest Region each year which all require a form of title service or product to complete the transaction.  The LTRO provides a vital federal land title maintenance service for Indian individuals, Tribes and Bands.  The LTRO truly is an “office of historical trust records” for the Midwest Region. The Midwest Regional Land Titles & Records Office serves Tribes in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa.

 Land Titles and Records Office: (715) 685-2407

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