The BIA Pathways Internship Program works collaboratively with Student Trainees to design meaningful internship experiences that complement their personal and professional goals. We offer several core program areas that prepare students for entry-level positions in their chosen field, and we also allow students to build more individualized paths.

Explore our key program areas:

Agriculture and Rangeland Development

An agricultural landscape with rolling hills and scattered bales of hay on a sunny day.

The Branch of Agriculture and Rangeland Development helps Tribal Nations effectively manage and protect over 46 million acres of agricultural lands, rangelands, grazing pastures, and beyond.

Your interests include…

Agriculture, Tribal Economic Development, Soil Conservation, Water Rights, Bison, Cattle, Food Sovereignty, Outdoor Activities, Regenerative Food Systems, Real Estate

You’re earning a degree in…

Rangeland Management, Agriculture, Animal Sciences, Soil Sciences, Biology, Botany, Environmental Science, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Water Resource Management, Irrigation Science, Real Estate

You want to explore careers like…

Natural Resources Management Specialist, GIS Specialist, Rangeland Technician, Rangeland Program Manager, Soil Conservation Specialist, Tribal Liaison, Water Rights Specialist, Bison Management Specialist, Agricultural Program Analyst, Grazing Permits Specialist.

Cultural Resource Management

A table is laid out with a variety of ceremonial Tribal items.

The Branch of Cultural Resources works with Tribal Nations to protect, manage, and develop their cultural and historical resources. We provide technical assistance, administer federal laws and regulations, and engage Tribes in important archaeological and preservation efforts. We also manage the BIA Museum Program and provide for the long-term care, preservation, access, and interpretation of a vast collection of artifacts and artwork.

Your interests include…

Native American Studies, Archaeology, Anthropology, History, Museums, Tribal Artifacts, Fieldwork, Ethnography, Art, Public Education and Outreach

You’re earning a degree in…

Archaeology, Anthropology, Museum Studies, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Communications, Ethnography, Art, Art History, Linguistics

You want to explore careers like…

Archaeologist, Federal Preservation Officer, Museum Curator, Museum Manager, Tribal Liaison


A pile of logs sit in a pine forest clearing next to a logging road on a summer day.

The Division of Forestry (DOF) actively engages in the stewardship of over 18 million acres of federal and Tribal lands. From hands-on forestry technicians to data-driven analysts, our branch offers diverse internship opportunities across the country that directly benefit Tribal communities.

Your interests include…

Forestry, Tribal Economic Development, Environmental Science, Outdoor Activities, Accounting, Timber Sales, Ecosystems, Forest Restoration, Environmental Conservation, Wildfire Prevention

You’re earning a degree in…

Forestry, Biology, Environmental Science, Natural Resources Management, Environmental Conservation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Parks and Recreation, Wildfire Management, Accounting, Business Administration

You want to explore careers like...

Forester, Forestry Technician, Timber Sales Specialist, Ecosystems Specialist, GIS Specialist, Forestry Management Specialist, Inventory and Planning Forester, Soil Conservationist, Post-Fire Environmental Recovery Specialist

Geospatial Support

A partial view of a map of the United States.

The Branch of Geospatial Support (BOGS) provides the BIA and all federally recognized Tribes with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services, training, and support. Tribes map and manage their cultural and natural resources and contribute to critical datasets that benefit Indian Country.

Your interests include…

GIS mapping, computer science, technology, data science, UX design, modernizing government systems, natural resources, land management, forestry, real estate

You’re earning a degree in…

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Cartography, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Geology, Data Sciences, GIS Systems Management, Land Surveying, Natural Resources Management

You want to explore careers like…

GIS Analyst, Data Analyst, Cartographer, Data Management Support Specialist, Geographer, Interactive/UX Designer, Natural Resources Specialist, Program Analyst, Tribal Consultation Expert

Real Estate Services

A road runs along the left side of a green expanse and disappears into the sunny horizon.

The Division of Real Estate Services (DRES) protects Native-owned lands and helps Tribal communities utilize their natural resources. We provide technical assistance, training, and administrative review and monitoring of real property to ensure that Tribes and Native landowners can make informed decisions about their lands and access economic benefits related to their property.

Your interests include…

Realty, Tribal Economic Development, Land Management, Mineral and Energy Leasing, Natural Resources, Tribal Energy Development, Law, Probate.

You’re earning a degree in…

Real Estate, Accounting, Business Administration, Law, Paralegal Studies, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Land Surveying, Native American Studies, Natural Resources Management.

You want to explore careers like…

Realty Specialist, Natural Resources Management Specialist, Legal Instruments Examiner, GIS Specialist, Land Surveyor, Lease Compliance Technician, Legal Administrative Specialist, Management Analyst, Probate Specialist.

Tribal Climate Resilience

Blue-white sea ice floats as far as the eye can see against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

The Branch of Tribal Climate Resilience helps Tribal Nations prepare for and respond to the effects of climate change. Whether it's delivering technical assistance, providing financial support, or increasing access to scientific resources, we stand ready to help Indigenous communities adapt and thrive.

Your interests include…

Climate Change, Oceans and Coasts, Environmental Conservation, Environmental Science, Environmental Justice, Ecology, Tribal Consultation, Subsistence Lifeways, Grants Management

You’re earning a degree in…

Environmental Science, Biology, Natural Resources Management, Climate Change, Ocean and Coastal Sciences, Environmental Conservation, Native American Studies, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

You want to explore careers like…

Natural Resources Specialist, Climate Resilience Coordinator, Environmental Justice Specialist, Environmental Protection Specialist, Eco-Restoration Specialist, Regenerative Agriculture Specialist, Tribal Climate Liaison, Ocean and Coastal Resources Specialist, Program Analyst

Tribal Trust Lands Management

A placid lake reflects the stony mountains and trees in the landscape.

The Division of Trust Land Consolidation plays a critical role in protecting Tribal sovereignty. We help Tribes restore ownership of their historic territories, we collect and maintain important land ownership records for all of Indian Country and we ensure Tribal lands are protected for the next generation of Tribal citizens and their descendants.

Your interests include…

Tribal Sovereignty, Real Estate, History, Law, Tribal Policy, Tribal Economic Development, Business Administration, Tribal Self-Determination, Probate, Minerals and Energy Leasing, Land Back Initiatives

You’re earning a degree in…

Natural Resources Management, Real Estate, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Parks and Recreation, Accounting, Business Administration, History, Native American Studies, Land Surveying.

You want to explore careers like…
Realty Specialist, Tribal Relations Advisor, Program Management Analyst, Legal Instruments Examiner, Administrative Officer, GIS Specialist, Realty Clerk, Lawyer, GIS Specialist.

Water and Power

The repeating lines in of a white dam structure contrasts with the natural beauty of a placid blue body of water surrounded by lush green hills.

The Division of Water and Power promotes Tribal self-determination, economic development, and public safety through the management of irrigation, dam and power facilities across Indian Country. Our mission also includes the protection of Indian water rights, water development projects, litigation support and our duty to uphold the BIA’s responsibilities under the Federal Power Act in re-licensing hydropower projects that affect Indian trust resources.

Your interests include…

Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Water Rights, Tribal Economic Development, Irrigation, Maintenance, Conflict Resolution, Emergency Management, Hands-on Technical Work

You’re earning a degree in…

Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Hydrology, Irrigation Sciences, Architecture, Environmental Science, Water Resource Management, Physical Sciences, Maintenance, Skilled Trades or Technical Certifications

You want to explore careers like…

Civil Engineer, Hydrologist, Power Utility Engineer, Dam Safety Engineer, Agricultural and Irrigation Engineer, Technician, Equipment Operator, Utility System Water Repair Operator, Water Resources Technician, Welder

Wildland Fire Management

The sun sets over a smoky, fiery landscape behind the silhouettes of pine trees.

Whether it's active firefighting roles, personnel support, Tribal capacity-building, or ecological restoration efforts, the Division of Wildland Fire Management offers diverse federal and tribal internship opportunities that directly benefit Indian Country. Help us protect over 18 million acres of federal and Tribal lands.

Your interests include…

Firefighting, Wildland Fire Management, Fire Ecology, Environmental Conservation and Restoration, Working Outdoors, Hands-On Work, Physical Fitness, Travel Opportunities

You’re earning a degree in…

Wildland Fire Management, Forestry, Natural Resource Management, Biology, Environmental Science, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Parks and Recreation, Range Management, Technical Degrees

You want to explore careers like…

Wildland Firefighter, Fuels Management Specialist, Ecosystems Specialist, Fire Management Officer, Forestry Technician, Inventory Technician, Prevention and Mitigation Technician

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