Under section 83.7(b) of the acknowledgment regulations, several petitioners chose to complete the acknowledgment process under the previous version of the acknowledgment regulations (the 25 CFR Part 83 acknowledgment regulations as revised April 1, 1994). These petitioners are:

Per letter of September 8, 2021, Petitioner #158 (Fernandeno Tataviam Band of Mission Indians) withdrew from the 25 CFR Part 83 acknowledgment process in accordance with §83.30.

Further information on these petitioners is available on the Recent Acknowledgment Actions page and on the page dedicated to a specific petitioner.

Key for "Stage of Process" columns:

  • AC = Administrative Correspondence
  • DP = Documented Petition
  • FD = Final Determination
  • FR = Federal Register
  • OHA = Office of Hearings and Appeals
  • TA= Technical Assistance
  • PF = Proposed Finding