NOTE: The provision to request reconsideration via the Interior Board of Indian Appeals (IBIA) is available under the 1994 revision of the acknowledgment regulations. It is not available under the acknowledgment regulations as revised in 2015. All references below to the 25 CFR Part 83 acknowledgment regulations refer to the 1994 revision of 25 CFR Part 83.

The Acknowledgment regulations provide for "independent review, reconsideration, and final action" under 25 CFR 83.11. This section provides for requests for reconsideration to be directed to the Interior Board of Indian Appeals.

25 CFR 83.11(e)(1) provides that:

The regulations at 43 CFR 4.310-4.318 and 4.331-4.340 shall apply to proceedings before the Board except when they are inconsistent with these regulations.

The regulations concerning IBIA are found at 43 CFR Part 4, entitled, "Department Hearings and Appeals Procedures." Provided here are the general sections of 43 CFR 4 (subpart A and subpart B), concerning the Office of Hearings and Appeals, of which IBIA is a part, and the specific portions of 43 CFR 4 referenced in 25 CFR 83.11.

Relevant Sections of 43 CFR 4: IBIA Decisions: