Petitioner Number: 056B
Petitioner Name: Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe
Petitioner State: LA
Acknowledged/Denied/In Process: Supplementing Doc. Petition
Current Status: The Department is waiting for the petitioner to supplement its documented petition.
Currently in Litigation: No
Acknowledgment Regulation Revision Chosen by Petitioner: 2015
Petition Narrative Document(s):


Petitioner Contact Information:

Mr. Charles Verdin, Sr.
P.O. Box 416
Montegut, Louisiana 70377

Opportunity to Submit Comments:

Comment period not open.

Opportunity to Request to be Kept Informed of General Actions:

In accordance with 25 CFR 83.22(b)(1)(v), the Department is publishing this "opportunity for individuals and entities to request to be kept informed of general actions regarding a specific petitioner."

Those wishing to be kept informed of general actions regarding this specific petitioner must mail a written request to:

Department of the Interior
Office of the Assistant Secretary - Indian Affairs
Attn: Office of Federal Acknowledgment
1849 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20240

An individual or entity may mail a written request at any point during the acknowledgment process.

Other Portions of the Documented Petition:


Comments or Materials Submitted by Third Parties:


Substantive Documents Issued by the Department:

None under the acknowledgment regulations as revised in 2015. See below for documents the Department issued under the 1994 revision of the acknowledgment regulations.

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Contact Information for Notified Parties and Other Individuals or Entities that Requested to Be Kept Informed:


Documents Issued under 1994 revision of Acknowledgment Regulations:

Letter of Intent | Federal Register Notice of Letter of Intent | TA Letter | Amended Proposed Finding | Federal Register Notice APF | Press Release APF


This petitioner began its petitioning process under the acknowledgment regulations as revised in 1994. The Department published revised acknowledgment regulations on July 1, 2015. This petitioner elected to proceed under the 2015 revision of the acknowledgment regulations.