Through the Department of the Interior-Bureau of Indian Affairs Enterprise License Agreement (DOI-BIA ELA) program, the Branch of Geospatial Support (BOGS) provides geospatial software, geospatial training, and support to Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) employees and employees of federally-recognized Tribal governments.

To gain access to these geospatial resources, you must apply to participate in the DOI-BIA ELA program. Once approved, you are considered an active DOI-BIA ELA participant and can access these resources at no cost to you.

How to Apply

BIA offices and Tribal governments must apply on behalf of their employees by submitting a DOI-BIA ELA application.

If you are a Tribal government, you may submit the DOI-BIA ELA application for federally-recognized Tribes to the Geospatial Support Help Desk.

If you are a BIA office, you may request a DOI-BIA ELA application for BIA offices from the Geospatial Support Help Desk.

The application requires designating a primary contact person who will receive occasional communication from the Geospatial Support Help Desk and who is responsible for updating the list of authorized users for their office or Tribe. Primary GIS contacts for Tribes are also responsible for sharing information they receive from the Geospatial Support Help Desk with Tribal employees.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt within five business days and an application decision within 15 business days.

If you submit an incomplete application, we will notify you of the missing information so that you can correct and re-submit your application.

Maintaining an Active Status

Once approved, your office or Tribe must comply with the ELA Participation Policy to retain active DOI-BIA ELA status.

To comply, every year your office or Tribe must submit a User Reconciliation Audit (URA) to the Geospatial Support Help Desk before the annual August 31 deadline.

The URA is a form sent to the primary geospatial software contact at each organization once a year to verify the ArcGIS software they are using and to add or remove any users if needed. Annual URA submissions allow BOGS to maintain an accurate database of its geospatial software users and to plan for the future of the DOI-BIA ELA program.

If you do not submit your yearly URA by the annual August 31 deadline, your office and Tribal account will be deactivated and you must contact the Geospatial Support Help Desk to reactivate it.

Additional Information

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