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Jicarilla Agency

The Jicarilla Agency consists of the following branches of service for one Federally-recognized tribe under their jurisdiction.

  • Office of the Superintendent - Verinda Reval
  • Branch of Administration - (VACANT)
  • Branch of Facilities Management - Leroy Tecube
  • Branch of Real Estate Services - Kurt Sandoval
  • Branch of Forestry - Roger Jensen
  • Branch of Fire Management - Carl Romnes
  • Branch of Natural Resources - Douglas Treadway

The tribe serviced is the Jicarilla Apache Nation. This tribe includes approximately 3,403 members who are eligible to receive various services through their tribal office.

Contact Us

Mailing Address: Jicarilla Agency Bureau of Indian Affairs P.O. Box 167 Dulce, NM 87528

Physical Address: Jicarilla Agency Bureau of Indian Affairs 120 Seneca Street Dulce, NM 87528

Telephone: (575) 759-3951Telefax:       (575) 759-3948

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