Office of Trust Services - Division of Natural Resources

The primary function of the Trust - Natural Resources Management program is to assist Tribes in the management, development, and protection of Indian Trust land and natural resource assets. The resource management activities undertaken provide many benefits to the landowner such as revenue, jobs, and the protection of cultural, spiritual, and traditional resources.

The overall Trust - Natural Resources Management program fulfills Indian trust responsibilities through the strategy of improved management, protection, and development of Indian land and natural resource assets. The Natural Resources sub activity supports this strategy by allowing Tribes to manage their own natural resources and compliance with various regulations and requirements related to their natural resource assets.

The Division of Natural Resources is made up of the following programs:

Branch of Forestry

Branch of Wildland Fire Management

Branch of Water Rights/Water Resources

Branch of Irrigation, Power, and Safety of Dams Program (IPSOD) Operations of Non-Federal Dams Program (FERC)

Branch of Agriculture and Range Management