Yvonne LaRocque, Superintendent

Fort Totten Agency office
Fort Totten Agency

Mailing Address:
Bureau of Indian Affairs
P.O. Box 270
Fort Totten, North Dakota 58335

Physical Address:
Bureau of Indian Affairs
816 3rd Ave., North
Fort Totten, North Dakota 58335

Telephone: (701) 766-4545
Telefax: (701) 766-4117

Tribe Served:
Spirit Lake Tribe
Douglas Yankton Sr., Chairman
Spirit Lake Tribe
P.O. Box 359
816 3rd Ave. North
Fort Totten, North Dakota 58335

Telephone: (701) 766-4221
Telefax: (701) 766-4126

Trust Land Base: 67,479 acres

Estimated Tribal Enrollment: 6,700 members

Fort Totten Agency Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe Sign
Spirit Lake

Fort Totten, North Dakota is located 180 miles due north of Aberdeen, South Dakota, and provides services to the Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe with an enrollment population of 6,700 members. Tribal Council consists of 6 elected officials including 4 council members for each of the four districts within the reservation, a Tribal Chair and Secretary – Treasurer. Eligible voters participate in elections every 4 years with a primary in April and the general election in May. 4,500 members reside on or near the Spirit Lake Nation. The Spirit Lake Reservation is comprised of 383 square miles containing 245,120 acres of which 67,479 acres are held in trust as follows: Tribal 34,382 Individual 33,097

  • FTE: The Fort Totten Agency currently has 16 full time equivalent employees including: Superintendent, Executive Secretary, Supply Technician, Engineer Equipment Operator Supervisor, Engineer Equipment Operator, Maintenance Laborer, Maintenance Laborer Helper, Secretary, Realty Officer, 3 Realty Specialist’s, Realty Assistant, 2 Range Technicians and Legal Administrative Specialist.
  • Accomplishments: As the first Agency in the Nation to process lease revenues through the TAAMS module, the Fort Totten Agency demonstrated the operational viability of the new system for the remaining Agency’s and Field Offices to follow. A major milestone resulting in the joint signing of a Finding of No Significant Impact Statement for the Roads Acting as Dams Project was signed in June of 2008 eight months ahead of schedule. The conclusion of the Environmental Phase of the 70 million dollar project that protects roughly one quarter of the reservation of the rising waters of Devils Lake is a significant step towards project completion.
  • Strengths: The greatest strength and asset of the Fort Totten Agency is the staff. Dedicated staff that continue to produce well maintained facilities and roads as well as timely, accurate and thorough trust related transactions is a tribute to the Agency’s ability to provide quality services in a timely manner. An additional strength is the Agency’s ability to adapt and embrace change with positive results. The successful implementation of TAAMS is one of several examples that demonstrate the Agency’s ability, through staff, to adapt to and embrace change.
  • Opportunities: As more and more streamlining of on-going activities develop, especially in Trust Services, existing staff will finally be afforded the opportunity to address trust improvement related activities, including GIS related planning that will truly benefit our beneficiaries with increased land revenues.
  • Challenges: The stabilization of flood protection currently afforded by Roads Acting as Dams (RAADS) from the rising water levels of Devils Lake through the implementation and completion of Phase II of the RAADS project will provide the necessary long term stability required for land use planning and implementation. Numerous Federal, State, Tribal and County Officials will be required to collectively work towards a common goal to achieve the monumental project.