Below is a description of the transactions offered through the Contracts Management part of Real Estate Services. For steps on how to complete each process, click the link at the end of each description.

Lease (Business, Residential, and Sand & Gravel)

Restricted land may be leased for business, residential, or sand & gravel purposes. Leases require 100% agreement from all the landowners. All types of leases must be approved by the Regional Director.

Please click here for information on the Lease process.

Right-of-Way BIA crew surveying road

A Right-of-Way (ROW) can be for a road, an electric power line, phone line, fiber optic cable, water and sewer lines, etc. The Applicant (known as the ROW Grantee) can be your neighbor, a utility company, a private company, or a Federal, State or Municipal organization. Most ROW term limits are capped at 50 years. Payment for the ROW can be waived if it is determined that the benefit of the ROW outweighs payment (i.e. water and sewer lines that provide water and sewer service to your home). The ROW must be approved by the Regional Director.

Please click here for information on the Right-of-Way process.

Revocable Use Permit

A Revocable Use Permit (RUP) is a temporary permit for short term and limited use only. It can be used for crossing restricted land or for temporary activities (i.e. camp site, culture camp, storage, etc.) on restricted land. BIA approval is not required, but you must submit your RUP to the BIA to review and to determine if a lease is required.

Please click here for information on the Revocable Use Permit process.

Service Line Agreement

A Service Line Agreement (SLA) is an agreement between a utility company and a landowner. An SLA can be for electricity, water, sewer, gas, telephone, internet, or other type of utility service. The sole purpose of an SLA is to connect the landowner’s home (or other building) to the main utility line. This is different than a Right-of-Way (ROW) and does not need BIA approval. However, the BIA does need a copy of the SLA to record in the Land Titles Record Office (LTRO).

Please click here for information on the Service Line Agreement process.


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