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Contact the Alaska Region

Alaska Regional Office Indian Affairs 3601 C Street Suite 1200 Anchorage , AK 99503-5947

Toll Free:   (800) 645-8465 ;       Fax:            (907) 271-1349

Native Services Department Point of Contact Telephone Number  
Deputy Regional Director Michelle Watchman (907) 271-4042  
Social Services Director Gloria Gorman (907) 271- 4111  
Tribal Operations Sarah Walker (907) 271-4506  
CDIB Enrollment    (907) 271-4477  
Self Determination Officer Ronelle Beardslee (907) 271-1712  
Housing Specialist Dewayne Cooper (907) 271-4178  
Transportation Regional Road Engineer Stuart Hartford (907) 271-6984  
Regional Budget Officer (Acting) Andrew Gichard (907) 271-4176  
Supply Management Officer Glenn Ivanoff (907) 271-4508  
Trust Services Department Point of Contact Telephone Number  
Deputy Regional Director Lynn Polacca (907) 271-4042  
Regional Realty Officer Cyril Andrews Jr. (907) 271-1553  
Probate and Estate Officer (Acting) Bonita Nipper (907) 271-1622  
Lands Titles Records Officer    (907) 271-4593  
Regional Archeologist (Acting) Cynthia Williams (907) 271-4138  
Subsistance Program Manager Glenn Chen (907) 271-4173  
Regional Environmental Scientist Harrilene Yazzie (907) 271-4004  
ANCSA Program Manager Ken Pratt (907) 271-3695  
Regional Geospatial Coordinator Vacant (907) 271-4053  


Hours of Operation: 8:00am - 4:30pm

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