A Service Line Agreement (SLA) is an agreement between a utility company and a landowner. An SLA can be for electricity, water, sewer, gas, telephone, internet, or other type of utility service. The sole purpose of an SLA is to connect the landowner’s home (or other building) to the main utility line. This is different than a Right-of-Way (ROW) and does not need BIA approval. However, the BIA does need a copy of the SLA to record in the Land Titles Record Office (LTRO) for safekeeping.

You need an SLA before the utility company starts work to connect their service to your building. Please send the BIA the SLA, with the plat or diagram, within thirty (30) days so that the BIA can record it in the LTRO for safekeeping.

The SLA should:
  1. Identify the correct parties to the agreement to make sure the person who has the authority to agree to the SLA is represented.
  2. Identify the specific utility service that will be provided.
  3. Identify who will be responsible for any damages that may occur on the land during the construction and clean-up.
  4. Address what kind of clean-up will be done after the service line is hooked up.
  5. Have a good plat or diagram that shows the boundary of the land and the point of connections between the building and the main utility line. If the plat or diagram is on a separate sheet of paper from the SLA, then the plat or diagram must have the signatures of the parties on it too.


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