Parameters of a Revocable Use Permit (RUP):
  1. Should be used when an applicant wants to use the land temporarily.
  2. Should be limited by time and purpose.
  3. The landowners may cancel the permit at any time.
  4. The RUP cannot be given to another for their use.
  5. The RUP cannot be used for a different purpose than initially intended.

BIA requirements have changed. The RUP must still comply with all environmental and cultural resource laws, but BIA approval is no longer required. The BIA will not administer or enforce a RUP, but you must submit your RUP to the BIA to determine if a Lease is required.

Examples of the difference between a RUP and a Lease are shown below:

Revocable Use Permit (RUP)
  • Does not grant a legal interest in the land
  • Short term
  • Limited use
  • Permittee has non-possessory right of access
  • Landowner may terminate at any time
  • Grants a legal interest in the land
  • Long term
  • Broader use with associated infrastructure
  • Lessee has right of possession, ability to limit or prohibit access by others
  • Landowner may terminate under limited circumstances

Please send a copy of the RUP to:

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Bureau of Indian Affairs Alaska Region

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