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Incident Qualifications

There are qualification requirements for the everyday jobs we do in fire management and for the jobs we do when fighting a fire or responding to other emergencies. The process for obtaining incident-specific qualifications is identified in a document known as the "Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide" (PMS 310-1). Our Wildland Fire Qualification System is a "performance-based" system whereby qualification is based on completion of required training and demonstrated successful position performance by completing the applicable position task book on wildland fires, events, incidents, job activities, and in simulated exercises or classroom activities.

The primary criterion for qualification is individual performance as observed by an Evaluator. Evaluators must be either qualified in the position being evaluated or supervise the Trainee. Evaluators use task books to document a trainee’s ability to perform each task. Tasks may be evaluated through performance, a simulated exercise, or emergency or non-emergency incident/event. The Certification is successful when all required tasks of the position are complete such that the individual is proficient at the position. Certification and documentation of completed task books is the responsibility of the Certifying Official from the Home Unit.

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