Image of summer internsThe Pathway Program connects Native American and Alaska Native students to paid internships with Indian Affairs and Tribal Nations across the United States.

Through the Pathways Internship Program, Native students can work directly with Indian Affairs offices or Tribal Nations to gain hands-on professional experience in a wide range of fields. We are excited to help train and grow the next generation of Native professionals and leaders, and we encourage you to read more about the program below.

The Pathways Internship Program is now accepting applications for 2024 summer internships! Round 1 (priority consideration) applications will be open from September 20 to October 5. Visit the USAJobs announcement to apply.

  • You must be over 18 and a current college student to apply. Review all eligibility requirements.
  • Read our How to Apply Guide to learn what forms you’ll need and how to prepare your resume.
  • Applicants must submit BIA Form 4432 and all required documents to be considered with Indian Preference.
  • Learn about the experiences of past interns on the Pathways Storymap.

For any questions about the program or application process, please email Pathways staff are available and happy to provide guidance.  

Offices or Tribal entities interested in hosting Pathways student trainees can learn more about BIA Pathways Host Information.

Why Intern with Indian Affairs?

Federal internships are a fantastic way to gain work experience and explore different career paths, and the Pathways Program is specifically designed to help Native students join the workforce after finishing school. Benefits of a Pathways student trainee may include:

  • Opportunities working in Indian Affairs or Tribal Nations.
  • Tuition assistance, scholarships, temporary internship housing, paid training opportunities, and travel opportunities to Indian Affairs and Tribal locations across the United States.   
  • Permanent placement within Indian Affairs or Tribal Nations after graduation.

Learn more about Pathways Internship Program Benefits.

Pathways Internship Program 2023

Who Can Apply?

Pathways Internships are open to current students aged 18 or older. Whether you’re pursuing an Associate’s or a Doctorate, we are eager to help you develop your talent and prepare you for a rewarding career serving Indian Country.

For more information on internship eligibility requirements, learn more about Pathways Internship Program Eligibility.

Pathways Internship Opportunities

Indian Affairs provides a much wider variety of services than most agencies. The work our interns do is incredibly diverse, and our hiring needs span many degree programs and fields, including:

  • Natural Resources: Natural Resources Management, Forestry, Environmental Science, Water Resource Management, Wildland Fire Management, Climate Resilience, Geology
  • Agricultural Sciences: Rangeland Management, Animal Sciences, Soil Conservation, Fisheries and Wildlife Biology, Bison Management
  • Technology and Engineering: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Computer Science
  • Business, Policy, and Social Services: Realty, Accounting, Social Services, Tribal Policy, Law, Tribal Self-Determination, Economics
  • Cultural Resources: Anthropology, Archaeology, Museum Studies, Language Revitalization, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, American Indian Studies
  • And many more!

We’re excited to help you find unique ways to apply your education toward a career in public service that benefits Tribal communities.

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