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Petitioner #158: Narrative Web Comments

Updated April 18, 2016

The following table provides the comments or materials submitted by third parties to OFA relating to the documented petition in accordance with 25 CFR 83.22(c).  These documents may be viewed via a browser or downloaded directly to a computer or mobile device.  Additional documents may be obtained by making a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, in writing, to the Office of Federal Acknowledgment.  

Portions of the Documented Petition: (click on column headers to sort)
Document Date

Document Title

Document Type Document Submitter
2016.02.08 Teeter, Wendy Giddens to Whom it May Concern 2016.02.08 Comment  
2016.03.00 Arnoldi, Deborah to OFA, 2016.03.00 Comment  
2016.03.09 Eastman, Cynthia Rae to OFA, 2016.03.09 Comment  
2016.03.10 Fajardo, Joel (Mayor, San Fernando) to AS-IA 2016.03.10 Comment  
2016.03.10 Knight, Albert to Whom it May Concern 2016.03.10 Comment  
2016.03.17 Worden, Leon to AS-IA 2016.03.17 Comment  
2016.03.18 Valenzuela, John and Donna Yocum to AS-IA 2016.03.18 Comment  
2016.03.21 Tejada, Barbara, California Department of Parks and Recreation, to AS-IA, 2016.03.21 Comment  
2016.03.23 Lawson, Michael to AS-IA, "Comments on the Documented Petition for Federal Acknowledgment Presented by the Fernandeno Tatavium Band of Mission Indians, 2016.03.23 Comment  


 Note: Any additional timely comments that OFA receives will be posted in mid-April.

Key for "Document Submitter" column: 

  • OFA = Office of Federal Acknowledgment

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