The following table provides other portions of the documented petition in accordance with 25 CFR 83.22(c). These documents may be viewed via a browser or downloaded directly to a computer or mobile device. Additional documents may be obtained by making a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, in writing, to the Office of Federal Acknowledgment. Please use the citations in the petition narrative(s) and Technical Assistance Review letter(s) to identify other documents to request.

Portions of the Documented Petition:
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Document Date Document
1861.08.28 Ward, James B. to Monroe Ward 1861.08.28 Letter MNF
1924.03.13 Death Claims Pioneer Resident of Walton County Newspaper Article MNF
1930.06.12 Mr. Ward Shakes Them Up Newspaper Article MNF
1932.03.24 Homecoming Day at Bruce Newspaper Article MNF
1954.11.08 Women's Club of Bruce Charter, 1954.11.08 Other MNF
1956.01.10 Thompson, C. Lenoir to J. J. Ward 1956.01.10 Letter MNF
1956.03.09 Thompson, C. Lenoir to J. J. Ward 1956.03.09 Letter MNF
1956.04.20 Thompson, C. Lenoir to Congressman Robert Sikes 1956.04.20 Letter MNF
1956.07.23 Thompson, C. Lenoir to J. J. Ward 1956.07.23 Letter MNF
1956.07.30 Thompson, C. Lenoir to J. J. Ward 1956.07.30 Letter MNF
1957.01.10 Thompson, C. Lenoir to J. J. Ward 1957.01.10 Letter MNF
1957.01.11 Hundley, Ed Alonzo Deposition, 1957.01.11, Geneva County, AL Deposition MNF
1957.11.13 Thompson, C. Lenoir to J. J. Ward 1957.11.13 Letter MNF
1960.12.18 Walton Leader Succumbs at 90 Newspaper Article MNF
1963.00.00 Bruce Church 1912-1963 Register (Methodist Episcopal Church) Church Record - Other MNF
1978.00.00 History of Northwest Florida Creek Indian Council 1978 Local History MNF
1978.03.00 Letter from Northwest Florida Creek Indian Council to My Dear Fellow Creeks 1978.03.00 Letter MNF
1978.05.28 Florida Tribe of Eastern Creek Minutes 1978.05.28 Minutes MNF
2000.00.00 Interview: Rossell, Mazie (Ward) by Ann Tucker 2000 Interview/Oral History MNF
2000.07.20 Tucker, Anne D. to Board of County Commissioners, Liberty County, Florida, 2000.07.20 Letter MNF
2001.01.21 Constitution of the Muscogee Nation of Florida 2001 Governing Document MNF
2003.12.10 Interview: Bishop, Lucille and Zera Denson by James McClurken 2003.12.10 Interview/Oral History MNF
2004.02.07 Tribal Enrollment Ordinance #04-01-100, 2004.02.07 Governing Document MNF
2004.07.07 Interview: Denson, Zera (Wayne Pate) by James McClurken 2004.07.07 Interview/Oral History MNF
2012.02.03 Muscogee Creek Indian Ancestry - Appendix C Genealogy Document - Other MNF
2016.00.00 Inventory produced by OFA describing documents to be posted to web in first installment during comment period Inventory OFA

Key for "Document Submitter" column:

  • MNF = Muscogee Nation of Florida (Petition #032)
  • OFA = Office of Federal Acknowledgment