Tribal Justice Support conducts Tribal court assessments. These are based on the requirements identified in the Indian Tribal Justice Act. The Act requires BIA to use non-federal employees

Mailing Address

Tribal Justice Support Directorate

BIA-OJS-Tribal Justice Support
1001 Indian School Road NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104

to conduct these assessments, which are based on Trial Court Performance Standards, and modified for tribal courts. The assessment is a tool that assists the tribal court with creating an Operational Strategic Plan for their justice system.  Assessments also allow TJS to craft national training for the shared needs of tribal court personnel. Of the 574 federal recognized tribes, TJS has assessed 250 justice systems.

5-Step Process

The Tribal Court Assessment is a 5-step process (TCAP Flyer)

5-Step Process to Perform a Tribal Court Assessment

Sample Documents