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Tools, Guidance, and Resources

Courtesy of Section 508

Automated Testing Tools

To assistance in the manual testing process you can use a number of tools and assistive technologies, the following is not a complete list of the tools you can use, but these are the tools currently use on a daily basis be developers make sure their websites are accessible:


Assistive Technology

  • ChromeVox (screen reader for Chrome and Chrome OS)
  • JAWS (Screen Reader for windows, demo version available)
  • NVDA (Free open source Screen Reader for windows)
  • Talkback (screen reader for Android)
  • VoiceOver (Built in Screen Reader, Mac desktop and iPhone/iPod)

More Tools

Other recommended and useful tools:


  1. For a complete list of tools visit the W3C Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List. This page provides a list of evaluation tools that you can filter to find ones that match your particular needs. To determine what kind of tool you need and how they are able to assist you, see Selecting Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools.
  2. The tools listed above are only a few tools you should use on a regular basis, other accessibility engineers may use other tools. Find one that works for you, you may find that you will use 8-10 tools just to verify one issue.

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