Any future IBIP offerings will be dependent on yearly budget allocations, currently none are planned. Please check our webpage for updates. For more information on the originating FY 2022 offering, please visit our Announcement page on and the IBIP FAQ.

Congratulations to the FY 2022 IBIP Awardees!! The Awardees will receive the amounts annually through FY 2025, with the option for a non-competitive renewal for an additional 3-year term:

$300,000.00 Change Labs

$300,000.00 Cherokee Nation

$300,000.00 Chickasaw Nation

$237,055.92 Mohave County Community College District

$300,000.00 Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

$300,000.00 Quechan Indian Tribe

$289,869.00 Regents of New Mexico State University

$300,000.00 Sinte Gleska University

$300,000.00 South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency

$300,000.00 Taala Fund


Through the Indian Business Incubators Program (IBIP), also known as the Native American Business Incubators Program, the Office of Indian Economic Development (OIED) will provide competitive grants to establish and run business incubators that serve entrepreneurs who will provide products or services in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

A business incubator is an organization that supports start-up and early-stage business owners by providing advice and services to help transform their innovative ideas into viable businesses. Some services that an incubator may provide include business education, workspace and facilities, and networking and mentorship opportunities.

IBIP awards seek to establish and operate business incubators that serve Tribal reservation communities. These grants will provide individually tailored business incubation and other business services to Native businesses and Native entrepreneurs to overcome the unique obstacles they confront and provide tools necessary to start and grow businesses that offer products and services to reservation communities.

IBIP includes the following Cost Share Requirements for awardees:

  • 25% Non-federal cost-share requirement for each year of the 3-year grant award (2 CFR 1187.11(e));
  • 33% Non-federal cost-share requirement for each year of the 3-year non-competitive grant renewal award (2 CFR 1187.41);
  • Non-federal cost-share must meet requirements under 2 CFR 200.306, non-federal cost-share may be waived for the initial grant award (2 CFR 1187.43), and for the non-competitive renewal (2 CFR 1187.41(b)).

The award term for these grants will be for a 36-month project period, with annual reviews and payment disbursements with a ceiling award of $300,000 annually and a floor award of $100,000 annually.


The following entities are eligible for IBIP grants; Indian Entities Recognized by and Eligible to Receive Services From BIA (87 FR 4363), Tribal Organizations as defined (25 U.S.C. 5304(l)), Tribal Colleges or Universities 25 U.S.C. 1801 et seq, 25 U.S.C. 640a note, section 532 of 7 U.S.C. 301 note; Institute of higher education in any State admitting students as per 20 U.S.C. 1091(d); and Joint Applicants who must each be independently eligible (25 CFR 1187.14).

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