The Pacific Region’s jurisdiction includes the state of California, except for some Tribes in southeastern California which are served by the Western Region. The Pacific Region includes four local BIA agencies and provides services to 104 federally-recognized Tribes. Drought, wildfire, and changing ocean conditions increasingly affect the traditional foods, natural resource-based livelihoods, cultural resources, and spiritual well-being of Indigenous peoples in the region. Droughts in particular have contributed to declines in traditional Indigenous staple foods, including acorns, corn, and pine nuts. Increased wildfires have also reduced the populations of traditional fish, wildlife, and plants, such as tanoaks and beargrass, upon which some Tribes rely for food and cultural uses (NCA4, Ch. 25).


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Connect with the BIA Branch of Tribal Climate Resilience Regional Coordinator:

Elisha Flores
Regional Coordinator
Phone: (510) 504-8998

Tribal Climate Resilience Liaison

The BIA Pacific region is served by the Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center partnering with the American Indian Higher Education Consortium.

Cynthia Naha
Senior Liaison
Phone: (505) 603-3129

Anissa McKenna
Assistant Liaison
Phone: (912) 506-9508

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