Superintendent - Jeremy Lovekamp

The Pawnee Agency consists of the following branches of service for the approximately 7,200 tribal members within the four tribes under their jurisdiction. These four tribes are the Otoe-Missouria Tribe, Pawnee Nation, Tonkawa Tribe and Ponca Tribe. The jurisdiction area covers approximately 60,000 acres and 76,000 mineral acres spanning 4 counties in north central Oklahoma including, Kay, Noble, Pawnee and Payne.

  • Executive Direction - Provides oversight of daily operation and is responsible for final agency decisions. This authority is held by the agency Superintendent.
  • Administration - Supports oversight of agency operations and provides expertise on finance, budget, and personnel management.
  • Natural Resource - Makes inspection on Indian trust land and works with individuals and entitles to manage trust lands in accordance with proper conservation and stewardship activities. the Branch of Natural Resource also provides NEPA guidance and support.
  • Real Estate Services - Evaluates and processes all proposed real estate transaction including but not limited to agriculture leases, business leases, mineral leases, residential leases, wind and solar leases, rights of way grants. The Branch of Real Estate Services also evaluates and processes applications for gift deeds, negotiated sales, and taking land into trust.
  • Branch of Social Services - Provides Indian clients with variety of services such as general assistance, supervising IIM accounts for both minors and adults, and support to the tribes within our jurisdiction. the Branch of Social Services also monitors the Indian Child Welfare and Adult Protection programs.
  • Probate - Collects data on Indian trust estates for Individuals who own trust property or have trust funds in their IIM Account and forwards the data to the Office of Hearing & Appeals for probate, will then go before a judge to determine distribution of trust assets.


Mailing Address:
Pawnee Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs
P.O. Box 440
Pawnee, OK 74058

Physical Address:
Pawnee Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs
850 Agency Road
Pawnee, OK 74058

Telephone: (918) 762-2585
Telefax: (918) 762-3201