Welcome to the California Valley Miwok Tribe informational page. On this page you will find information regarding activities to organize and guide eligible participants through the process of organization.


    November 29th, 2022

    The Bureau of Indian Affairs, Central California Agency (Bureau) plans to assist the California Valley Miwok Tribe, aka Sheep Ranch Rancheria (Tribe) with organization of a formal government structure by individuals who are eligible to participate in such a process, consistent with the December 30, 2015 decision by the Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs, as revised May 31, 2022, by the Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs.

    The first step in the organization process is to identify individuals who are eligible to participate in the organization process. If you believe you are a descendant of a person listed on one of the documents below and want to be considered for participation in the organization process, please submit, the Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) form along with supporting documentation to the following email address: CVMT-CDIB@bia.gov 

    If you wish to mail in your CDIB form and supporting documentation, mail to:

    Bureau of Indian Affairs - Central California Agency

    Attn: CVMT

    650 Capitol Mall, Suite 8-500

    Sacramento, CA 95814

    The deadline for submitting the CDIB form and supporting documentation is January 12, 2023.  Any mailed submission must be postmarked by that date.

    In order to be eligible, a person must show lineal descendancy from one of the following groups or individuals below:

    1. August 13, 1915, Census of Indians at or near Sheepranch, Calaveras County, California
    2. June 6, 1935, Approved List of Voters for Indian Reorganization Act of Sheep Ranch Rancheria, Calaveras County, California
    3. The Heirs of Mable Dixie (the sole Indian resident of the Rancheria eligible to vote on its termination in 1967) as identified by OHA in 1971, and their descendants
    4. Descendants of the Miwok Indians listed on the Indian Census Roll for Calaveras County, dated June 30, 1929

    Please Note: it is required that the CDIB form be signed and dated by the submitter, or it will not be considered for eligibility.

    The Bureau will review all timely received submissions and will provide written decisions concerning the eligibility or ineligibility of all individuals who have timely submitted decendancy verification (CDIB) forms including the information identified above that is necessary to determine organization eligibility. Individuals determined eligible will be notified by letter from the Bureau. Individuals determined to not be eligible will be notified of their right to appeal the determination pursuant to relevant provisions of 25 Code of Federal Regulations Part 62, concerning adverse enrollment actions. After rendering final decisions regarding timely filed appeals, the Bureau will notify all individuals determined to be eligible to participate in the organization of the Tribe and will provide additional information for the organization process, including actions the eligible group is required to perform.

    You may obtain the CDIB form by clicking here

    The deadline for submitting the CDIB form and supporting documentation is January 12, 2023. Any mailed submission must be postmarked by that date.

    You may contact Carol Rogers-Davis, Tribal Operations Officer, by email at Carol.Rogers-Davis@bia.gov, Harley Long, Superintendent, at harley.long@bia.gov, or you may call (279) 444-0323 for more information regarding documentation you must submit for the Bureau to determine your eligibility to participate in organization of the Tribe.

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