The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Colorado River Agency Electrical Services (CRA-ES) will endeavor to provide safe and reliable energy to its customers. CRA-ES shall use reasonable diligence to supply continuous service; but does not guarantee electric service against interruptions, and is not liable to the customer for damages, personal injuries and losses resulting there from acts of god/nature, nor will such failures constitute a breach of agreement for services. 

In the event of a service failure, the customer must attempt to determine if the failure is due to a fault in his or her own equipment. If the fault is found to be in the customer’s equipment, or if the customer’s main breaker is in the off position, the customer will be responsible for the cost of a service call, see the After Hours - Power Outage flow chart for more information.

Customer may be responsible for the following Work Order fees:

  • Customer service work order $50.00
  • Overtime charge $200.00

After Hours and Emergency/Outage Phone Contact Information:

  • Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department: (928) 669-2003