Now is the time to electrify your transportation.

stylized map of the 12 BIA RegionsThe National Electric Vehicle Initiative (NEVI) is making it easier than ever to acquire assistance dollars to install electric vehicle charging stations.  

The NEVI program was established by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) to provide funding to States to strategically deploy EV charging infrastructure and to establish an interconnected network to facilitate data collection, access, and reliability.    

The Joint Office of Energy and Transportation was created to facilitate collaboration between the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).  The Joint Office provides expertise and resources to implement the NEVI program.  

The supplemental mapping information created by the Bureau of Indian Affairs - Division of Energy and Mineral Development (DEMD) includes 12 electric vehicle corridor maps for each BIA Region, along with a 13th National map.  These maps used the most current Alternative Fuel Corridor (AFC) dataset provided by Department of Transportation, and demonstrates AFC status and intersections with Tribal lands and potential charging station enterprises.

green electric vehicle charging station icon map pin illustrationGet Started

DEMD is here to support your EV charging station project. Contact our office by emailing us at to learn more and starting your EV charging station project.

DEMD Assistance includes:
  • Technical Assistance
  • Grant Assistance
  • Site and map EV charging infrastructure
  • Provide guidance to navigate planning and implementation of projects, including funding, technical review of documents, retaining contractual services
  • Provide business modeling, including revenue generation and identifying incentives
  • Complete preliminary load studies
  • Educational resources on EV charging strategies
  • Use of EV charging stations as virtual power plant for energy storage

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