An integrated resource management plan (IRMP) is a policy document prepared by a Tribal government “to assess available resources and to provide identified holistic management objectives that include quality of life, production goals and landscape descriptions of all designated resources that may include (but not be limited to) water, fish, wildlife, forestry, agriculture, minerals, and recreation, as well as community and municipal resources, and may include any previously adopted tribal codes and plans related to such resources” (25 USC Ch. 39).

IRMPs are approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) regional director of the BIA region where the Tribe is located.

Information about the process of creating and IRMP can be found in the additional resources linked below.


Forest Management Planning

The Division of Forestry (DOF) is responsible for coordination, management, planning, oversight, and monitoring for all activities related to management, development, and protection of trust forest resources.

If a Tribe chooses not to develop an IRMP, forest management activities on trust land are guided by a BIA-approved forest management plan.

The Branch of Forest Inventory and Planning has additional information about preparing and revising a forest management plan.

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