We use a competitive review system with well-defined criteria to select the most qualified projects for funding. Awards are based on the individual merit of the proposal, but we also aim to provide funding to a diverse range of Tribes living in various areas.

We consistently receive more proposals than can be funded by our annual budget, which is determined by Congress and varies on a year-to-year basis.

Funded in 2022

FY 2022, we gave over $10.2 million to Tribes for energy and mineral projects.
Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux TribesMontana$1,000,000  
Fort Independence Indian CommunityCalifornia$485,757  
Nambe PuebloNew Mexico$159,000  
Bay Mills Indian Community (2)Michigan$149,170 
Iipay Nation of Santa YsabeCalifornia$125,000 
Eklutna, IncAlaska$315,155 
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (2)North Dakota$200,000 
Fort Independence Community of the Paiute IndiansCalifornia$175,000  
Fort Mojave Indian Tribe of Arizona, California and NevadaArizona$169,000 
Mentasta Traditional CouncilAlaska$110,000  
Wind River Inter-Tribal Council (4)Wyoming$1,125,000 
Morongo Band of Mission Indians (1)California$46,625 
Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (2)Alaska$1,024,562 
Modoc Nation (1)Oklahoma$91,000 
Coushatta Tribe of LouisianaLouisiana$145,000  
Reno-Sparks Indian ColonyNevada$175,000 
Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (1)Alaska$320,950 
Nunakauiak Yupik CorporationAlaska$1,286,000 
The Kuskokwim CorporationAlaska$323,000 
Crow Creek Sioux TribeSouth Dakota$172,000 
Colorado River Indian TribesArizona$177,000 
Bristol Bay Native Corporation (1)Alaska$273,068 
Bay Mills Indian Community (1)Michigan$174,755 
Spirit Lake TribeNorth Dakota$140,000 
Osage Nation (4) - Scope of Work under review prior to awardOklahoma$100,000 
Wind River Inter-Tribal Council (5)Wyoming$350,000 
White Earth Band of Chippewa IndiansMinnesota$120,000 
Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Indians (2)Oklahoma$120,000 
Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians (1)Michigan$189,000 
Hoopa Valley Public Utilities DistrictCalifornia$315,980 
Ute Indian TribeUtah$506,000 
Sicangu Wicoti Awayankape CorpSouth Dakota$148,200 

Prior Funded Years

FY 2019, we gave over $5.3 million to Tribes for energy and mineral projects.
Chemehuevi California $295,868 Analyze and follow up on findings from the previous assessment project to determine potential deposits of minerals
Coushatta Louisiana $141,226 Study existing energy resources and associated projects available, specifically natural gas technologies and processes
Fond du Lac Minnesota $98,000 Design, evaluate and develop specifications for a microgrid
Fort Apache Arizona $45,155 Identify and develop sources for sand and gravel to meet future needs
Fort Peck Montana $1,158,000 Identify profitable low-risk and high-reward opportunities for oil and gas drilling 
Hoopa Valley California $152,575 Complete an investment-grade feasibility analysis for a biomass/biogas, 15-megawatt power plant
Laguna Pueblo New Mexico $100,000 Complete an assessment/preliminary engineering report to determine the current capability for solar photovoltaic power for various Tribal-owned sites
Lake Traverse South Dakota $65,940 Determine the potential for the profitable sale of tribal resources 
Mescalero New Mexico $295,557 Delineate, map, sample and test multiple aggregate resource sites
Nambe Pueblo New Mexico $81,625 Explore a solar energy project potentially reducing dependence upon costly, fossil-fuel-reliant grid connectivity
Northern Cheyenne Montana $198,135 Evaluate the potential for a distributed network of residential and community solar rooftop installations and conduct a feasibility analysis for the development of wind generation 
Osage Oklahoma $193,620 Estimate the amount of recoverable oil using enhanced oil recovery 
Pine Ridge South Dakota $145,750 Explore additional aggregate resources
Pueblo of Santo Domingo New Mexico $219,608 Qualify and quantify non-swelling clay deposits with a comprehensive field mapping and sampling program, and determine the feasibility and profitability of the sale of mineral resources
Pueblo of Zia New Mexico $370,952 Expand the testing and validation of soils and provide data to evaluate the quality and quantity of existing mineral deposits 
Rocky Boy's Montana $121,635 Analyze aggregate deposits with a comprehensive field mapping and sampling program 
Sac and Fox, Oklahoma Oklahoma $89,000 Explore a comprehensive Tribal microgrid solution that would help during critical outages in addition to reducing overall electric costs 
Southern Ute Colorado $140,000 Study the financial feasibility and identify options for using solar resources for renewable energy
Stewarts Point Rancheria California $50,500 Assess potential biomass energy resources market opportunities for biomass, and the potential to use biomass as fuel for a new power plant
Tunica -Biloxi Louisiana $306,460 Evaluate solid and fluid minerals with feasibility, economic and seismic studies
Umatilla Oregon $294,000 Prepare geothermal drilling operations on select land parcels that will host temperature gradient holes 
Wichita Oklahoma $69,000 Develop a comprehensive Tribal solar development plan 
Wind River Wyoming $750,000 Conduct a technical evaluation to scope, screen and identify challenges and opportunities in mature oil fields

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