Provide a sufficiently trained COR cadre with the knowledge and skills required to develop requirements and manage assigned contracts.

Who is the COR?

The COR is an integral member of the acquisition team and works with the contracting officer and contractor to ensure successful contract performance that supports the Indian Affairs mission. CORs have different certification levels and responsibilities depending on the value and complexity of the contracts they help manage

What Does the COR Do?

The COR has an important role in the administration and technical oversight of contracts. Typically, the COR has a central and key responsibility for monitoring and managing contract operation and performance. CORs ensure that our Indian Affairs regions, offices and bureaus get what they need by making sure that contractors are delivering high quality solutions on time. They also provide critical services to our contractors through timely government oversight, reviewing and accepting contract deliverables, and ensuring contract payments are both properly and timely made

How Does the COR Contribute?

CORs build successful working relationships between vendor and government teams, often work in remote conditions and use a variety of skills to accomplish everything required of them. Their work requires a sense of nuance, attention to detail and the ability to work well with many different people. Always looking ahead to project timelines and requirements, CORs mitigate risk and help avoid unexpected problems. Their forward-thinking administrative actions prevent the waste of money and time and protect the best interests of the federal government. In essence, the COR is the glue that binds the vendor, program and contracting officer together to achieve the mission.

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