FAC‐COR training requirements are found in the OFPP Memo on Revisions to the Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer's Representatives (FACCOR), dated September 6, 2011.

Contracting Officer’s Representatives (COR) play a critical role in ensuring that contractors meet the commitment of their contracts and facilitate proper development of requirements and assist Contracting Officers in developing and managing their contracts. There are 3 levels, that allows for appropriate training and experience for COR’s managing a range of contracts from low‐risk and simple to high‐risk and complex acquisitions. This area describes COR Level III.

What are the requirements?

Two years of previous COR experience is required. Experience must be documented and submitted with the application. Level III CORs are the most experienced CORs within an agency and should be assigned to the most complex, critical risk, and mission critical contracts within the agency. These CORs are often called upon to perform significant program management activities and should be trained accordingly. The general requirements are:

NOTE: It is recommended to hold a FAC-COR Level II certification or comparable experience.

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