FAC‐COR training requirements are found in the OFPP Memo on Revisions to the Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer's Representatives (FACCOR), dated September 6, 2011.

Contracting Officer’s Representatives (COR) play a critical role in ensuring that contractors meet the commitment of their contracts and facilitate proper development of requirements and assist Contracting Officers in developing and managing their contracts. There are 3 levels, that allows for appropriate training and experience for COR’s managing a range of contracts from low‐risk and simple to high‐risk and complex acquisitions. This area describes COR Level I.

What are the requirements?

No experience is necessary; this level of COR is generally appropriate for simple, low-risk contract vehicles, such as supply contracts and orders. The general requirements are:

  • Complete FCR 110 Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) Level 1;
  • One Hour Ethics Training (FAC 043, HBS 415 and CLM 003);
  • and Request Approval.

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