Executive Order 13653(EO 13653) directs all Executive Branch agencies to consider climate change in all their activities. The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is further directed to fulfill the President’s Climate Action Plan Statement that the “…Administration will continue to assist Tribal communities on preparedness through the BIA, including through pilot projects and by supporting participation in federal initiatives that assess climate change vulnerabilities and develop regional solutions”.

As climate change accelerates over the coming decades, the effects on species, ecosystems, and their functions will become more evident. Anticipating some of the impacts on climate changes can help ecosystems adapt. There are limits to the ability to adapt, so actions to mitigate climate change must continue. The BIA Pacific Regional Office is committed to supporting the 104 federally recognized Tribes in California within the Region’s jurisdiction to address new challenges presented by the current rate of global climate change. The diverse missions of all branches of the BIA that have joined together to address climate change are the strength of the pacific Region’s strategy.

In addition to resources presented here, the Region will utilize its network of partners and tribal contacts to disseminate climate change information to Tribes within the Region. Tribes and partners may also choose to receive BIA Climate News for ongoing email alerts. Signup information, FY funding applications, and additional resources can be found at the Bureau of Indian Affairs Climate Change Homepage.