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Nilah Solomon, Superintendent

Winnebago Agency Office Winnebago Agency

Mailing Address: Bureau of Indian Affairs P.O. Box 18 Winnebago, Nebraska 68071

Telephone: (402) 878-2502Telefax:       (402) 878-2943

Physical Address: Rt. 1 Box 18 Hwy 75 S. Winnebago, Nebraska 68071

Tribes Served: Omaha Tribe of Nebraska, Santee Sioux Nation, and Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

Omaha Tribe of Nebraska Leander Merrick, Chairman P.O. Box 368 100 Main St. Macy, Nebraska 68039

Telephone: (402) 837-5391Telefax:      (402) 837-5308

Trust Land Base: 27,828 acresEstimated Tribal Enrollment: 5,427 members

Santee Sioux Nation Roger Trudell, Chairman 108 Spirit Lake Ave. West Niobrara, Nebraska 68760-7219

Telephone: (402) 857-2772Telefax:       (402) 857-2779

Trust Land Base: 10,198 acresEstimated Tribal Enrollment: 2,662

Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska Victoria Kitcheyan, Chairwoman P.O. Box 687 100 Bluff St. Winnebago, Nebraska 68071

Telephone: (402) 878-2272Telefax:      (402) 878-2963

Trust Land Base: 27,637 acresEstimated Tribal Enrollment: 4,192 members

The Winnebago Agency is located in Winnebago, Nebraska in the Northeast corner of Nebraska which is 20 miles south of Sioux City, IA and 80 miles north of Omaha, NE. The Agency serves the Omaha, Santee Sioux Nation and Winnebago Tribes. Winnebago Agency does recognize Tribal sovereignty, efforts to achieve self-determination and self-sufficiency but also recognizes our Trust responsibility to protect and preserve tribal resources. Total trust acreage at Winnebago Agency is over 65,000 and 700 leases being processed. These 700 leases attribute to $3,000,000 being paid to our beneficiaries. Winnebago Agency Fire Program received a National Award-Hazardous Fuel Treatment Program.

The Agency provides services to the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska with a reservation population of 2476 Tribal members. Enrolled in the Omaha Tribe are over 5427 members with trust acreage of 27,828. Santee Sioux Tribe of Nebraska with a reservation population of 670 Tribal members. Enrolled in the Santee Sioux Tribe are over 2662 members, and total trust acreage on the reservation of 10,198. The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska has a service population of 1637 people and 4192 Tribal enrolled members. Total Trust Acreage is 27,637 acres.

Agency provides technical assistance as requested for Tribal P. L. 93-638 contracted programs.

The Agency is comprised of 22 full time employees, 3 Office of Special Trustee employees and 1 Bureau of Land Management employee. Agency Offices include; Probates, Real Estate, Natural Resources, Fire, Executive Direction and Administration/Facilities Management.

Winnebago Agency manages over 65,000 trust acres. The agricultural land on the three Reservations consists of both farmland and grazing land. The farmland is used for growing of such crops as corn, soybeans, alfalfa, oats, and wheat, while the grazing land is used for cattle. The three Reservations have quite a variation in there landscape, from the flat river bottom, to the steep bluff areas and rolling hills. The Winnebago Agency strives to manage the land under the concept of “highest and best use” as well as “sustained yield”. In FY-2008 the agency managed over 670 agricultural leases and distributed over 3 million dollars in leasing income. In April of 2008 the Winnebago Agency was awarded Certificates for one of three Agencies for our accomplishments made in the Trust Asset Accounting Management system.

Winnebago Agency Fire CrewWinnebago Fire Crew

The Winnebago Agency also manages the “Winnebago Fire Program”, servicing, Winnebago, Santee, Omaha and the Yankton Sioux Tribes. Receiving the National Award-Hazardous Fuel Treatment program in 2005.