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Zenergy Cat-X BH Change Mandaree #24-13H 12-31-09

Dakota-3 Mandaree #24-13H, formerly Dakota-3 Mandaree #16-24H Bottom Hole Change: Section 30,T150N,R93W

Zenergy Cat-X BH Change Wolf #27-34H 12-16-09

Dakota-3 Wolf #27-34H, formerly Dakota-3 Wolf #3-27H new bottome hole: Section 27, T149N,R94W

QEP Adden GL MHA Wells 12-17-09

MHA #1-06-01H-149-92 (Well #1) and MHA #2-06-01H-149-92 (Well #2). The site is located in Section 6, Township 149 North, Range 91 West.

EOG EA 5 well 12-18-09

Mandaree 09-04H: SE¼ SE¼ of Section 4, Township (T) 149 North (N), Range (R) 94 West (W) Mandaree 11-06H: NE¼ NW¼ of Section 6, T149N, R94W Mandaree 03-08H: NW¼ NW¼ of Section 8, T149N, R94W Mandaree 01-10H: NW¼ NW¼ of Section 10, T149N, R94W Mandaree 07-17H: NW¼ NW¼ of Section 17, T149N, R94W

Zenrgy CE Mason 2-11H 12-1-09

New Bottom Hole Loacation for D-3 Mason #2-11H:Section 2,T150N,R92W,

Zenergy EA 5 well 12-2-09

•Dakota-3 Fast Dog #14-5H: SE¼ SW¼ of Section 5, Township (T) 148 North (N), Range (R) 94 West (W), Dunn County •Dakota-3 Fettig #3-6H: NE¼ NW¼ of Section 6, T148N, R94W, Dunn County •Dakota-3 Patricia Charging 2 #2-15H: NW¼ NE¼ of Section 15, T149N, R93W, Dunn County •Dakota-3 Pauline Grady #4-19H: NW¼ NW¼ of Section 19, T149N, R94W, McKenzie County •Dakota-3 TAT (1800) #2-4H: NW¼ NE¼ of Section 4, T148N, R93W, Dunn County

Arrow Phase 1B Pipeline 12-17-09

The gathering system would be installed in a single 50-foot Right-of-Way (ROW) on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, in T148N, R94W, and T 149 N, R.94W in Dunn and McKenzie Counties, North Dakota

Arrow EA Phase 1a Piepline 12-4-09

The gathering system would be installed in a single 100-foot Right-of-Way (ROW) on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, in T149N, R94W, T150N, R94W and T150N, R93W in Dunn and McKenzie Counties, North Dakota

Arrow Northern Pipeline I and IIB03-2-09

AMHP would start about 4.5 miles east of Mandaree, North Dakota, in the NENW of Section 16, T149N R93W. Heading west, AMHP would roughly follow the south side of BIA Route 12, then head north on the west side of North Dakota State Highway 22. At the junction of Highways 22 and 73, the powerline and pipelines would turn west again on the south side of Highway 73. The project would terminate off the reservation at a new tank farm and shipping facility about three miles east of Johnson’s Corner, in the NWNE of Section 19, T150N R96W.

Zenergy Cat-X BeartailNBH

New Bottom Hole Location and 1,280-acre Spacing Unit for Dakota-3 Bearstail #32-29H: Section 32,T149N,R94W

Zenergy EA Adden GL N Hale 12-4-09

Dakota-3 Nathan Hale #4-25H gathering lines: Section 25,T150N,R94W

EOG EA Acess Road 11-23-09

Proposed Access Road Upgrade Township 150 North, Range 94 West, Sections 29 and 32

Kodiak EA Adden 4 well 11-16-09

Additional Four Exploratory Wells at Two Locations: Two Shields Butte 2-24-12H and Skunk Creek 2-24-25H. Two Shields Butte 3-24-12H and Skunk Creek 3-24-25H, Section 24, T149N, R93W

Zenergy EA Adden GL 3 wells 11-23-09

Dakota-3 Birdsbill #14-16H gathering lines:Section 16,T149N,R93W Dakota-3 Clara #14-17H gathering lines: Section 17,T149N,R93W Dakota-3 Clark Fox #16-17H:Section 17, T149N,R93W

Zenergy EA Addendum GL 4 wells 10-30-09

Dakota-3 Patricia Charging #4-15H gathering lines:Section 15,T149N,R93W,

QEP EA MHA 2 Well 10-15-09

MHA #1-04H-149-90& MHA #1-10-15H-149-90: Section 10, T149N, R90W

Zenergy EA Adden GL 10-1-09

Nathan Hale #3-18H gathering lines: Section 18,T149N,R93W Alisia Fox #16-9H gathering lines: Section 9,T149N, R93W Dakota-3 Cross #2-13H gathering lines: Section 13,T149N, R94W,

Zenergy EA 4 Well 10-1-09

D-3 Dancing Bull #4-8H:Section 8,T150N, R92W D-3 Elk #4-16H:Section 16,T150N,R92W D-3 Shell Creek #4-7H:Section 7,T150N, R91W D-3 T. Smith #16-3H:Section 3,T150N, R92W

Marathon EA H Charging EA 9-29-09

Henry Charging USA 21-3H well in the NE¼NW¼ of Section 3, T150N, R93W

Simray EA 3 Soward-Leving-JM Wells 10-7-09

Soward 1-05H: SE¼SW¼ of Section 5, T149N, R93W, Dunn County, North Dakota Levings Estate 1-08H: SE¼SE¼ of Section 8, T149N, R93W, Dunn County, North Dakota JM Hall 1-19H: NW¼NW¼ of Section 19, T148N, R93W, Dunn County, North Dakota

Red Willow EA Eagle Well 9-17-09

Eagle 14-30H: SE¼ SW¼ of Section 30, Township 148 North, Range 89 West, McLean County

Zenergy EA Pennington 16-15H Pipeline 9-29-09

Dakota-3 Pennington #16-15H Pipeline: SW¼SE¼, Section 15, T152N, R92W

QEP EA 4 MHA Wells 10-9-09

MHA 1-06-31H-150-92: SESW of Section 6: T150N-R92W, MHA 1-01H-149-92: NWNE of Section 12: T149N-R92W, MHA 1-06H-149-91: SESE of Section 6: T149N-R91W, MHA 1-31H-150-91: SESE of Section 1: T150N-R91W, all in 5th PM, Dunn County, North Dakota.

Saddle Butte Final EA Burr-Voigt 9-16-09

Burr-Voigt Connection: Sections 13–16 and 21–24 of Township 148 North, Range 94 West

Zenergy EA 4 wells 4 pads 9-8-09

Bangen #3-14H:Section 14,T150N,R92W Fettig #14-23H:Section 23,T149N,R93W Fettig #16-22H:Section 22,T149N, R93W TAT #2-17H:Section 17,T150N,R94W

Zenergy EA 7 Well 10-30-09

D-3 Brady #4-12H D-3 Brunsell #16-9H D-3 FBIR #3-13H D-3 Mason #3-2H D-3 North Segment #4-6H D-3 Olson #4-1H D-3 Wolf #18-17H

Zenergy EA 4 Well 10-6-09

•Dakota-3 Birdsbill #14-16H: SE¼SW¼ of Section 16, Township (T) 149 North (N), Range (R) 93 West (W), Dunn County •Dakota-3 Clark Fox #16-17H: SE¼SE¼ of Section 17, T149N, R93W, Dunn County •Dakota-3 Birdsbill (894A) #4-35H: SW¼SW¼ of Section 26, T149N, R93W, Dunn County •Dakota-3 Wolf #3-27H: NE¼NW¼ of Section 27, T149N, R94W, McKenzie County

Zenergy EA Adden Access Road Nathan Hale 4-25H 9-11-09

Nathan Hale #4-25H access road reroute: S33 & S34, T150N, R94q

Zenergy EA Addendum GL Cross 2-13H

Cross #2-13H gathering lines: S13,T149N,R49W

Zenergy EA Adden GL Hale 9-8-09

Nathan Hale #3-18H gathering lines: S18,T149N,R93W Alisia Fox #16-9H gathering lines: S9,T149N,R93W

EA Spotted Hawk 1 well

Simba 24-30H SE¼SW¼ of Section 30, T150N, R90W.

EA Petro Hunt 1 Exploratory Well

Fort Berthold 148-94-19B-18-1H NE¼NW¼ of Section 19, T148N, R94W

EA Petro Hunt 1 Exploratory Well

Fort Berthold 148-94-9D-04-1H SE¼SE¼ of Section 9, T148N, R94W.

EA Petro Hunt 4 Exploratory Wells

Fort Berthold 147-94-1A-12-1H: NW¼NE¼ of Section 1, Township 147 North, Range 94 West, Dunn County; Fort Berthold 147-94-2A-11-1H: NW¼NE¼ of Section 2, Township 147 North, Range 94 West, Dunn County; Fort Berthold 147-94-3A-10-1H: NW¼NE¼ of Section 3, Township 147 North, Range 94 West, Dunn County; Fort Berthold 148-94-35D-26-1H: SE¼SE¼ of Section 35, Township 148 North, Range 94 West, Dunn County.

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